The Pilgrims (2015)

The Pilgrims – Prologue

The Pilgrims – Title

The Pilgrims – Bradford Intro

Death and the Civil War (2012)

Death and the Civil War – Republic Harp

Death and the Civil War – Republic Slow Orchestra

Death and the Civil War – Republic Cello

Death and the Civil War – Republic Folk

Into the Deep: America, Whaling and the World (2010)

Into the Deep

Into the Deep – Nantucket

Into the Deep – The Coast of Peru – Whalemen and Explorers

Into the Deep – Ballad of The Essex

Into the Deep – Melville’s Grand Armada

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)

Andy Warhol – Supernova

Andy Warhol – Bird in Hand

Andy Warhol – Dark Flashes

Andy Warhol – Girl of the Year

Andy Warhol – Time Is Time Was

Eugene O’Neill: A Documentary Film (2006)

Eugene O’Neill – Don’t Flinch

Eugene O’Neill – Eugene Title

Eugene O’Neill – Long Days Journey Idea

Eugene O’Neill – Longing to Belong Cello Edit

Eugene O’Neill – Reflections at Sea

Eugene O’Neill – Space Mother

Eugene O’Neill – Walk in the Fog

Ansel Adams (2002)

Ansel Adams – High Sierra

Ansel Adams – Marias River Breakdown

Ansel Adams – American Open Piano

Ansel Adams – Benediction Piano Reprise

Ansel Adams – Benediction Orchestral Reprise

New York: A Documentary Film (1999-2003)

New York – City of Dreams

New York – New York Swing

New York – Dark History Theme

New York – Out of the Harbor

New York – Building Theme

New York – Traffic

New York – Dark History Waltz

New York – 60’s Bop

New York – Jimmy Walker

New York – Transformation

New York – Fiorello

New York – Famine Irish

New York – Young Hamilton

New York – Trouble

The Way West (1995)

The Way West – Main Theme

The Way West – Continental Citizens

The Way West – Sky

The Way West – Cowboy Song

The Way West – Hoedown

The Donner Party (1992)

The Donner Party Score Excerpt

Coney Island (1991)

Coney Island – Come Down Evening Star