Award winning Composer Brian Keane has been collaborating with Ric for over twenty years.  His documentary scores include six “best documentary” Emmy winners, as well as many of director Ric Burns’s award-winning films including, The Donner Party, Coney Island and the classic series, New York. His soundtrack to Burns’s Emmy-winning film Ansel Adams was called “one of the most impressive instrumental records of the decade” by Billboard Magazine.  Keane’s collaboration with Burns has continued with the release of the critically acclaimed Eugene O’Neill; the four hour PBS mini-series Andy Warhol; and most recently, Into the Deep.  Brian Keane has composed the music to more than 60 Emmy Award-winning films, more than 50 Alfred I. du Pont Award winning films, and almost two dozen Peabody Award winning films. In 2001, he became the first composer ever to sweep the Emmy Award music nominations; followed by music Emmy wins in 2002 for HBO’s Picture Perfect and in 2003, for the HBO comedy, The Curse of the Bambino. After winning his fourth consecutive music Emmy in 2004, Keane scored all five 2005 Sports Documentary Emmy nominations, three News & Documentary Emmy nominees and had four Emmy nominations for music.