Dante (Coming Soon)

DANTE, a groundbreaking two-part documentary film, presents and explores the extraordinary power, beauty and drama of Dante’s great masterwork, The Divine Comedy, set within the riveting circumstances of the poet’s own life, and of the turbulent times he lived in. 

No feature-length documentary film has ever fully exploited for an English-speaking audience the stunning power, reach and drama of Dante’s biography, or of the soaring poetic masterpiece  he created – a poem that stands to this day at the very apex of world literature and culture.

Dante and Shakespeare divide the world between them. There is no third. 

T.S. Eliot, 1924

DANTE will bring deep and widespread awareness of Dante’s significance and immense contribution to world culture: an impact that has reached now across 700 years with a text that speaks as powerfully to contemporary readers today as it did to the men and women of Dante’s own time. The modern-day relevance of the story of Dante’s life and work is astonishing, as people everywhere look for signs of hope and redemption and a way forward in circumstances as challenging in their own way as Dante’s own. 

Coming to PBS Easter 2024


DANTE Produced by Steeplechase Films and Dante Productions in association with PBS

Directed by Ric Burns

Written by Riccardo Bruscagli and Ric Burns

Produced by Leigh Howell, Bonnie Lafave and Emily Pfeil

Executive Producers Jane Morrow and Jeff Bieber

Senior Creative Consultant Christine Herring